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LGBT-Today: News and Views from All Over the World

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Today is “The indispensible last word in LGBT news and views from your community, state, nation and all over the world!”  Contributors include the editor of the Journal of LGBT Youth, Jim Sears, PhD, and others....

President Obama: 'We Cannot Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples When It Comes To Marriage'

"As everybody here knows, last year upon a long period of reflection, I concluded that we cannot discriminate against same-sex couples when it comes to marriage," Obama said at a Friday press conference at the White House. "The basic principle that America is founded on -- the idea that we're all created equal -- applies to everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, as well as race or gender or religion or ethnicity."...

Newspapers, Journals, Publishers - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Listings

  1. ABLE- TOGETHER A Forum for Gay and Bisexual Men with and without Disabilities
    note: an international, illustrated newsletter; no full text online

  2. The Advocate Internet (Los Angeles)
    note: some abridged text from the Advocate; Daily Advocate (full text current news)

  3. AIDS Book Review Journal
    note: published irregularly by the University of Illinois at Chicago Library; H. Robert Malinowsky, ed.; archived from n.1/March 1993+

  4. Alyson Publications
    online catalog for Alyson Books and Alyson Wonderland (books for young readers); may purchase titles directly from website

  5. Anything That Moves
    note: bisexual interest; last several issues full text online

  6. The ARCHIVE
    note: the official newsletter/journal of the Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation; archived from v.1, n.1- June/July 1994-

  7. Arrow Magazine
    note: pro-commitment magazine for gay men; title changed to HERO

  8. Bay Area Reporter (B.A.R.) (San Francisco)
    note: current full text articles

  9. Bi Tribune
    note: publication for bisexuals, covering news, events, and entertainment; current issue and news updates online; members may access back issues, personals, and a chat room.

  10. BiNet U.S.A. News
    note: newsletter of BiNet U.S.A.; Fall/Winter 1997/98+ full text online

  11. Blacklight.
    note: issue 1+ online; magazine for black gays

  12. Blair
    note: glbt youth magazine; lst issue 1994; other issues undated

  13. Blithe House Quarterly
    note: a full text online journal for gay short fiction; v.1, n.1- Summer, 1997-

  14. BrotherSister (Australia)
    note: fulltext online from issue 1+ (December 27, 1997+)

  15. Calamus Bookstore News (Boston)
    note: v.1, n.1+ (Nov. 5, 2000+) online newsletter

  16. Capital Gay (United Kingdom)
    note: online news source, current full text articles; links to other gay news sources, Washington Post & CNN

  17. CAPS Newsletter
    note: newsletter of the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of California, San Francisco; newsletter fulltext archive from Oct.1995

  18. Church-Wellesley Review. A Quarterly Review of Lesbian and Gay Writing. (Toronto)
    note: archived October 1997+

  19. Cleis Press
    note: online catalog by subject or author; order by fax, telephone, mail or e-mail

  20. CreamDrops - An Art and Literary Journal for Gay Men (Saint Louis MO)
    note:" showcase the literary and artistic talents of men who identify themselves a homosexual..."

  21. Curve
    note: lesbian magazine; some press releases, stories, polls online; may subscribe, order back issues online

  22. CyberConch (Key West and the Florida Keys)
    note: a free weekly email Zine about the Conch Republic; searchable; back issues 1996+ online

  23. Dallas Voice (Dallas, Texas)
    note: recent articles full text

  24. De Gay Krant (The Netherlands)
    note: internet version, some articles full text, archived from 19 June 1995; in Dutch or English; for English version, click on American flag; some information only available to subscribers

  25. Dispatch (quarterly newsletter of The Tom of Finland Foundation)
    note: not for minors; archived from Summer 1994

  26. Diva (England)
    note: click on Diva cover; full text online; numerous archived articles

  27. ELIGHT!
    note: online publishing forum for gay teens; worldwide submissions accepted

  28. Elysium Press
    note: letterpress editions; online catalog

  29. Frontiers Online Newsmagazine
    note: full text of feature stories in the current and previous issue for national (Los Angeles) and San Francisco editions

  30. Gai Pied Archives (France)
    note: full text archives for Gai Pied Hebdo: 1986-1992 (no. 201-541); also links to GLBT directory for France, Belgium, Switzerland; and to Gai Pied Info (the week's events and news)

  31. Gay and Lesbian Humanist
    note: quarterly magazine of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association; content listings online for recent years; some full text feature articles on line

  32. Gay News Amsterdam
    note: some features full-text on line; selected archival features; mainly tourist, entertainment, lifestyle information

  33. Gay Parent
    note: resource for lesbians and gay men who are or wish to be parents; current articles online; previous articles are cited online and may be requested by e-mail; bi-monthly, n.1- Nov/Dec 1998+

  34. Gay Sunshine Press

  35. Gay Theological Journal
    note: no full text, front page and contents list of current issue only

  36. Gay Times (England)
    note: click on Gay Times cover; fulltext online; numerous archived articles

  37. GCN. Gay Community News. (Boston)

  38. Genre
    note: limited current text; may order some back issues online; covers fashion, travel and lifestyle issues for the affluent gay man

  39. GerbilZine note: full online text and archive of back issues

  40. Girlfriends Magazine
    note: "for gay women:" some current selections online

  41. GLINN. Gay/Lesbian International News Network
    note: news on the web; full text; archived March 13, 1997+

  42. The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review.
    note: online indexes to vols. 1 (1994)+; a few full text articles; a few excerpted articles online

  43. HERO
    note: formerly Arrow Magazine; pro-committment, "wholesome"

  44. HIV/AIDS Information Center
    note: provided by the Journal of the American Medical Association; full text articles; current news updates from the Reuters Health Information Service

  45. Holy Titclamps
    note: earlier issues archived full text online

  46. Hostile Climate
    note: annual report on anti-gay activity; produced by the People for the American Way

  47. Houston Voice (Houston and Austin, Texas)
    note: recent weekly issue full text online

  48. In the Family A Magazine for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and their Relations
    note: therapy-orientated; no full text; contents pages Oct. 1995+; some contents with annotations; may order back issues

  49. In the Life. The Lesbian and Gay Newspaper of New York and the Tri-State Area
    note: current full text features, news

  50. International Gay & Lesbian Review
    note: published online by the One Institute Press, ed. Walter L. Williams; reviews of glbt publications; archived; reviewers may submit reviews

  51. James White Review
    note: recent summaries of tables of content

  52. Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. JGLMA
    note: table of contents and abstracts on line; v.1- 1997-

  53. Kekec (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    note: nos. 0 [Dec. 1993]-1, 4, 6+ full text online; in Slovene only

  54. Keeping the Flame Alive. The Newsletter of the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial and Mobilization.
    note: click on newsletters; as of 3-18-99, November 1996 (v.1, n.3) is the most recent newsletter online

  55. Lambda (Istanbul)
    note: current full text issue in Turkish

  56. Lambda Book Report
    note: current table of contents; some full text; developing archive with some full text

  57. Lavender Magazine Online (St. Paul, Minnesota)
    note: archived from issue 55+ July 4, 1997+

  58. Law & Sexuality. a Review of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Legal Issues.
    note: annual; table of contents online; State by State Survey of AIDS Statutes (as of Spring, 1999) online.

  59. Lesbian Connection (East Lansing, Michigan)
    note: offline bimonthly published by the Elsie Publishing provide a forum of news, events, and ideas for, by and about lesbians.

  60. Lesbian/Gay Law Notes
    note: publication of the Lesbian and Gay Law Association of Greater New York; online archive from n.1/1994+ & annual case tables 1992+

  61. Lesbian News. LN. (Los Angeles)
    note: some articles full text online; may order back issues online

  62. Leyland Publications

  63. The Link, NLA International's Newsletter
    note: newsletter of the National Leather Association International; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to access

  64. MannerschwarmSkript Verlag (Hamburg)

  65. Masok
    note: Hungary's monthly gay magazine (in Hungarian); archived from Jan. 1997)

  66. Millenium March Magazine
    note: full text compilation of all materials & information related to the Millenium March on Washington

  67. Naiad Press
    note: online book & video catalog; news & events; current & archived reviews; may order online; credit cards accepted

  68. National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law (U.S.)
    note: a full text online journal; v.1, n.1- 1995-

  69. New Victoria Publishers
    note: nonprofit publisher of lesbian feminist fiction and nonfiction; online catalog; may order be e-mail

  70. Newsletter. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Health Science Librarians, Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Medical Library Association. v.1, n.1- (1994-
    [Chicago, IL.?]: MLALGBT, [1994]-

  71. Noodle Magazine
    note: quarterly magazine about gay Asian and Pacific Islander men

  72. Oasis Magazine
    note: the monthly lgbt youth web magazine of OutProud!

  73. Odd Girls Press (Anaheim, CA)
    note: a feminist publisher; formerly Bluestocking Books

  74. OG Presenting a Positive Image of Asian Men
    note: click on 'OG News' for current full text news articles; contents lists only for magazine issues; must be 18 years or older to enter

  75. On Our Backs
    note: "The only sex magazine made by lesbians for lesbians"; some full text features online; must be 18 years or older to enter

  76. One in Ten Online (Boston)
    note: online monthly, fulltext, current and archive from December 1995

  77. Open Hands Resources for Ministries Affirming the Diversity of Human Sexuality
    note: no text; issues may be ordered online; a quarterly ecumenical magazine for the welcoming church movement

  78. Our World (Lugansk, Ukraine)
    note: some full text articles in Ukrainian or English

  79. Out & About Online
    note: gay/lesbian travel newsletter; current contents highlights; back issues contents; selective full text; may purchase travel articles from site; numerous travel information links

  80. Out and Equal Leadership Summit
    note: October 13-15, 2000 (Seattle)

  81. Outlooks (Calgary, Alberta)
    note: recent issue full text

  82. Persona Productions, (San Francisco)
    note: Persona Press (gay novels and a memoir of N. A. Diaman) and Persona Video (videos); online catalog; mail order

  83. Philadelphia Gay News
    note: current issue full text; back issues full text from June 18, 1998

  84. Poz (New York)
    note: archived from issue #8, June/July, 1995 Press Gang Publishers (Vancouver, British Columbia)
    note: publishers of feminist and lesbian writers; now defunct; sold their backlist to Raincoast Books

  85. The Publishing Triangle (New York)
    note: the association of lesbians and gay men in publishing; " to further publication of books and other lesbian and gay authors or with lesbian and gay themes"; grants the following awards: Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement, The Ferro-Grumley Awards for Lesbian and Gay Fiction, The Randy Shilts-Judy Grahn Wawards for Lesbian and Gay Nonfiction, The Chesley Award for Lesbian and Gay Playwriting. Award winner lists online

  86. Queer Caucus for Art Newsletter
    note: newsletter includes book reviews and bibliography on queer art; September 1999+; The Queer Caucus for Art is an affiliated society of the College Art Association

  87. Queer Nation. The Online Gay Comic.
    note:"an utterly uncensored superheroic gay soap opera satire"

  88. Queers Online (Toronto)
    note: an online journal; archives back issues

  89. Querverlag (Germany)
    note: glbt publisher; may order online through e-mail; catalog online

  90. qvMagazine
    note: Gay Latino magazine, bi-monthly; current issue on line; numerous links to Latino resources

  91. QX (Sweden)
    note: e-zine, Stockholm, Sweden; in Swedish only

  92. QX Magazine (England)
    note: full text articles, archived n.166+ Feb. 19, 1998+

  93. Rex Wockner International News Library
    note: the online text file of news briefs (over 2000) by Rex Wockner, journalist; site has search engine

  94. RFD
    note: "a country journal for gay men everywhere;" contents page for current issue and links of interest to rural gay men

  95. ScotsGay Magazine (Scotland)
    note: text only; archived from #1, Dec. 1994

  96. Seal Press (Seattle)
    note: publishes women writers; numerous lesbian titles

  97. Seattle Gay News
    note: current edition and archived from Dec. 5, 1997

  98. Serpent's Tail Publishers (London)
    note: full catalog online, subject searchable, online order capability

  99. Siegessaeule (Berlin)
    note: the internet-edition of Berlin's gay-lesbian magazine

  100. Sisters Online
    note: issue 1+ February 1998+ full text online

  101. Southern Voice (Atlanta)
    note: current full text online

  102. Spinifex Press (Melbourne, Australia)
    note: click on lesbian to see catalogue of lesbian titles available; may order online or by fax or mail

  103. Spinsters Ink (Duluth, MN)
    note: feminist perspective; many lesbian titles; online catalog; order by e-mail, telephone or mail

  104. Strandlaufer. (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
    note: print and online monthly magazine for gay men in northern Germany (Schleswig-Holstein), edited by Schwules Leben e. V. Schwul in Schleswig-Holstein.

  105. Sydney Star Observer
    note: current lead article full text online

  106. Tao Hong Man Tian Xia
    note: publication of the Chinese Society for the Studies of Sexual Minorities; for English, click on: English Newsletter; for Chinese click on GIF (Chinese software not needed); archived full text from Sept. 5, 1997+

  107. Tetu. (Paris)
    note: monthly; archived No.1, July, 1995+; searchable

  108. Texas Triangle (Austin, Dallas, Houston)
    note: weekly, current issue online; archived issues on line from v.7, issue 46.

  109. 10,000 Couples.
    note: an online magazine representing the face of same-sex couples around the globe

  110. Trikone Magazine (San Jose, CA)
    note: for LGB persons of South Asian heritage
    note: lists contents highlights; no full text; click on 'Magazine'

  111. Visibilities. The On-Line Lesbian Magazine
    note: articles posted at various times

  112. The Washington Blade (Washington, D.C.)
    note: current full text articles

  113. WAVES. The National Newsletter of the United Church of Christ Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns
    note: current issue full text article

  114. White Crane: A Quarterly Journal of Gay Men's Spirituality

  115. Whosoever Magazine An Online Magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Christians
    note: full text, archived from v.1, n.1- Jul/Aug 1996-

  116. Wildcat Press
    note: orders on line or by mail

  117. Windy City Times Chicago's Gay & Lesbian Online Newsweekly
    note: current full text articles

  118. Wisconsin Light (Milwaukee)
    note: full text online; archived from March 13, 1997

  119. Women in the Life
    note: black lesbian interest; some current articles online

  120. (Toronto)
    note: e-zine

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