Become a Member of the LGBTQIA Healthcare Guild

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Join the Healthcare Guild or Start a Local Chapter in Your City!

Membership is specific to Geographical Location - click on your location below to join an affiliated chapter

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How to Start a Local Chapter in Your City

The Healthcare Guild was designed to encourage practitioners in even the smallest communities to start a chapter and join our inter-connected network.  No City is too small and in terms of healthcare, the more localized coverage we can provide, the better.  Please consider starting a chapter in your city.  The time commitment is minimal, yet the impact you can make is significant!

Chapter Leader Responsibilities:

  1. 1)Create and Maintain your local community resources web page (connected to this website) via our easy-to-use on-line blog.  You can simply log-in from any computer with your user name and password to update information at any time.

  2. 2)Serve as a contact for consumers seeking care in your region, as well as providers seeking to network.

  3. 3)Check-in with the National Healthcare Guild office to provide updates regarding your chapter’s activity.

  4. 4)Initiate group emails for your region.  A group list is created specifically for your region where you can network via an email list-serve with other professionals quickly and easily. 

  5. 5)Chapter Leaders are given a “” email forwarder so that you do not need to publicly expose your contact information to spam.

To Initiate Starting a Chapter:

  1. 1)First check your local community by searching on-line or asking other providers in the area if there is an organization that currently serves to provide cultural competency training or networking for mental and medical healthcare providers serving sexual and gender minorities. 

  2. 2)Send an email to the Guild organizer (click on contact in the left-hand navigation) stating your interest in starting a chapter, along with your complete contact information including telephone number.  The process includes providing us with: a) your resume and credentials, b) your particular affiliation or interest in working with sexual and gender minorities (including personal connections to this population), and c) a telephone meet-and-greet where we visit about the needs specific to your community.