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Where Do Your Dollars Go?

The Guild conducts in-service training in collaboration with local Colleges and Universities geared at increasing cultural competency for providers, educators, and agency staff. 

We also speak at in-service training events, panels, and public events sponsored by local healthcare, non-profit, and human services agencies. 

In addition to our quarterly in-service training, we also host bi-annual all day workshops for provider continuing education.
Much of our provider training is focused on specific healthcare concerns for sexual and gender minorities.  
As part of our advocacy efforts, the Guild speaks in front of municipal and state legislators in order to present evidence demonstrating a need for better healthcare services for sexual and gender minorities.

Support the Healthcare Guild

We operate on voluntary contributions and donations.  Even if you are registering for a free membership, please consider donating to the Guild in order to help us continue to provide this great service to the community.  Expenses include our website, online provider directory, e-blasts, printed marketing materials, Pride Festival registration, and more.  Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

After clicking DONATE, you can avoid Using PayPal by selecting: “Don’t have a PayPal Account”





Sponsor I..........$100.00

Sponsor II.........$250.00

Sponsor III........$500.00

Sponsor I Donation places your on-line listing at the top of the page

Sponsor II & III Donations place listing on the top of the page and are eligible for a banner ad on our website.

On-line Donations are conducted via PayPal’s Secure Server and will show up as: PayPal *HEALTHCAREG.  Contributions are tax-deductible and a receipt for your purchase will be emailed to you.  Thank-you for supporting our efforts!

Add the Guild Logo & Links to Your Website

Please help us promote the Healthcare Guild by doing two very simple things:

1) Add either a large or small Healthcare Guild logo to your website with a link to either:

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To save the logos below you can either click on the link, then click on the image with your mouse and drag it to your desktop, or right click on the image and select "Save as"

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2) Either Link to us from your Facebook account or add a link on your website to the Healthcare Guild Facebook page:

Our Facebook Page has a ton of articles and info pertaining the LGBTQIA folks updated almost daily!

Thanks for your help!

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